House plants

We ship living house plant worldwide with phytosanitary certificate

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Jungle Plants

Explore the mystery and beauty of the tropics with our exotic collection of jungle plants, perfect for creating your own indoor wilderness

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fruit seeds & seedlings

Start your tropical orchard with our selection of fruit seeds and seedlings, promising bountiful harvests and sweet flavors

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Coconut product

Discover the versatility and richness of the tropics with our array of coconut products, from culinary delights to natural skincare

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Tropical Herbs

Elevate your culinary creations with our tropical herbs, offering fresh, aromatic flavors to transform any dish

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Tropical spices

Infuse your cooking with the essence of the tropics through our exotic spices, sourced for their intense flavors and aromas

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Our guarantee


High-Quality Products

Each product we offer is a testament to exceptional quality, crafted to meet the highest standards of excellence

4 Years of Experience

Leveraging four years of expertise in tropical plant cultivation and trade, we bring unmatched knowledge and reliability to our service

Community Empowerment

Our operations are deeply committed to empowering local communities, ensuring that every purchase supports sustainable growth and development

Worldwide Shipping

We proudly offer worldwide shipping, connecting the richness of the tropics to customers across the globe